Wisconsin Polka Music

All about the art of polka music

Polka radio in Wisconsin

We wanted to make you guys a post on the radio stations throughout Wisconsin that offer polka music as their main genre. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a genre such as polka simply because it is not as popular today as it has been in history. This post will go over the stations…

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Cleveland, Ohio Polka music museum

On February 2nd we decided to do a road trip down to Cleveland, Ohio where we have some close friends of ours living. This was a special planned week for us because February 4th we were going to visit the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and Museum. For those of you who are living…

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Welcome to Wisconsin Polka Music!!

This website is dedicated to the Wisconsin style of polka music. It will be a dedication to the great polka music mainly in the state of Wisconsin, but also polka music all across the midwest of the United States. We here have such a passion for polka music that we include Wisconsin’s surrounding states. We…

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